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The AAA Tabab Constructive Technologies was incorporated in Karachi on April 20, 2005. The steady growth and success of AAA Tabab, and the position it secured as a leading business house. The head office is located in Karachi. ... The AAA Tabab actively participates in national growth, and economic and social development. Highly motivated teams of the business and service divisions fulfill customers' needs in accordance with the short and long term objectives set by them. Since its inception, the goods and services provided by AAA Tabab have led to improved productivity in the civil sector, in the information management field and in transportation, telecommunication projects.


To actively participate in the economic and social development of Pakistan and beyond, by providing quality goods and services to serve customer’s needs while enhancing the stake holder’s interests..


We shall continue to be a professionally managed and leading Pakistani Company in the areas of trading and services. We will further strengthen our presence in the Information Technology and Civil infrastructure sectors and will take meaningful steps towards venture in the industrial sector. We will continue to serve our customers nationwide and work towards expanding our customer base.

I.T. Network Infrastructure & Telecommunications

We provide Installations for Data & Voice Cabling, Network Installation and Network Maintenance & Structured Cabling.... Our premise design and installation specialists bring to your project a perfect blend of high technology and Latest fashioned work ethics and workmanship. We take particular pride in maintaining all our cables and systems. Let our Skilled Professionals Engineers a state-of-the-art network infrastructure so your company can function at maximum efficiency. We do all the telecommunications tasks required within a firm or an organization to the needs of the customer. We deal with analog and digital PABX Systems, IP Telephony, High Speed Internet Solutions and Wireless Solutions


Data Center Solution

AAA Tabab Constructive Technologies provides technology for large, high volume transaction, high availability, high performance computer systems and infrastructures. While planning to optimize your Enterprise Servers, it can be a challenge to identify and enhance the best fit according to the needs. AAA Tabab provides comprehensive range of Enterprise Solutions that addresses the diverse customer requirements from low-end to high-end server, datacenter, security and network solutions.

CCTV Security Setups

- Region Motion Detection
Choose an area between coordinates on your video stream for motion detection to occur.
... - No Motion" Detection
A notification if a motion is not detected after a certain amount of time. This is useful for those monitoring experiments or equipment.
- Delete Motionless Video
Continue recording and check to see if the video has motion. Files without motion found will be deleted automatically.
- Time-lapse Viewer
Watch whole days worth of videos in a few minutes.
- Manual Snapshot from Stream
Take a quick picture of the stream by clicking a button presented on the dashboard.


Our efficient teams of engineers are experts in installation of all kinds of products and services we deal with.

Technical Support Services

- Manage Hardware & Communication Network
- Maintain Network security.
- Maintain virus and other software patches as and when required. ...
- Maintain user profiles.
- Maintain periodic backups for all databases residing on the server.
- Maintain periodic backups for all user data residing on the server.
- Manage software licenses.
- Facilitate in managing hardware contracts.
- Facilitate in managing network contracts.
- Maintain backup resources.
- Software Installation & Optimization & Trouble shooting.
- Migration to new software versions.
- Server optimization
- Disaster Recovery Services
- And more…

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